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Met you last night at Friday's open studio - wonderful work! You are very talented.
-- Daniel Cabour, 4/7/18

David, your paintings are so beautiful. I know so little about artwork and color but certain things will effect my mind and heart. Many of yours do that on a deep level. Thank you for sharing such great talent with the world.
-- Jamie Stratton, 12/5/17

Just saw your studio video. Beautiful!
-- Mara, 2/9/16

Great seeing Katy and you at the concert . Reviewed your site and love your work ! Such talent . We are so proud of you.
-- Don & Adie Moore, 6/1/15

I am humbled by your talent.
-- Warren F. Davis, 12/5/14

Just stumbled across your work while viewing Monhegan paintings (heading there again this week). Beautiful work! I too had the pleasure of studying at The Lyme Academy. I think we may have played ping pong together once or twice. Anyway, enjoyed looking at your work.
-- Ken Dorros, 8/3/14

Hi David, So nice to meet you at Mark's 32nd. Absolutely love your work, especially your T-Rex painting! Is that piece still available? I know you mentioned this is only a small selection of your work but well done, truly beautiful. Hopefully we will run into you again soon. Kindest Regards, S&J
-- Sheilagh & Jordan, 4/9/14

WOW as usual. Great work, visible brush strokes enhance paintings.
-- Murray Kasman, 11/4/13

I love your work. Saw your paintings in the Wiscasset Bay Gallery.
-- Roberta, 9/15/13

Happy to to see more of your work. It has been a while since you posted. I think your work is terrific & enjoy seeing it.
-- Murray Kasman, 4/4/13

David, shout out to a fellow Massachusetts artist! I must tell you - your paintings are spot on. They are simply marvelous. I can't see enough of them. You've inspired me. Can't wait to see more - I'll keep checking in. ;D Fabulous work.
-- Miriam Carmack, 3/26/13

powerful work. do you ever teach?
-- Andrew Carpentier, 3/5/13

We met at Rocco's. Your work is amazing! So glad to have gotten to see more of what you do. I look forward to your next show at Copley.
-- Natalie De Surrey, 12/17/12

I met you at the Farnsworth and very much enjoyed my conversation with you!
-- Shanna Kunz, 9/30/12

Like the stealing second. The others are good too!
-- Tim Coughlin, 2/1/12

Beautiful job uncle dave -Maura :)
-- Maura , 11/13/11

I love your work
-- Gaynelle Ayers, 8/30/11

I've been looking for you on Facebook these last few years, lo and behold you are an artist! I never would have guessed that you would go in this direction. I'm so thrilled.
-- David Malcolm Shein, 8/6/11

Hi Dave - We had a great time on vacation with you and Katie. Just checked out your latest sculpure - fantastic!
-- Susan, 7/17/11

I am very impressed w/ your work. I had no idea that you were into art. You are a true artist. I hope to see more of your work.
-- Murray Kasman, 7/11/11

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